Sprinkler Systems



PGJ Rotary Sprinklers

The PGJ is a chip off the ol' block, in essence a PGP "junior". Hunter has scaled down the world's top-selling sprinkler exclusively for use in applications that typically call for a spray but where it's now possible to have all the benefits of a rotor. The PGJ is capable of working in tandem with larger rotors to combine big and small areas in a single zone, offering a convenience and efficiency that sprays do not. With PGJ, fewer heads perform more efficient work for a more economical price.

SRC Plus Controllers

Introducing a controller with the kind of features virtually no other competitively priced controller has. The Hunter SRC brings to the economy end of the scale the kind of sophisticated technology and built-in convenience that was once only available on top-of-the-line products. Imagine ... dial programming and a large display for quick set-up ... a built-in 365-day calendar clock to accommodate odd/even watering restrictions (no monthly reprogramming hassles) ... a convenient rain sensor bypass circuit ... a full three programs, each with four start times. It's all here in this solidly built command center featuring a rugged cabinet that gives the product a polished, professional look. Why pay more to get all of the features you can get right here for a whole lot less? The Hunter SRC is the controller that's setting new standards for economy and versatility.

Rain Bird Valves

ASVF Series

With ASVF Valves, you're assured your lawn is getting the water it needs and your household water supplies are safe from external contamination.

DV Series Valves

Even in harsh soil or dirty water conditions, non-clogging DV Valves ensure consistent performance for healthy, lush landscapes.

PEB Series Valves

These tough, dependable valves can efficiently handle any challenge, from debris in the water to uneven water pressure.

Rain Bird Controllers

RC-Bi Controllers

These controllers provide at-a-glance programming that makes it simple to tell exactly where and how long watering will occur.

ESP and ESP-Si Controllers

With an ESP or ESP-Si Series controller at the heart of your irrigation system, you'll enjoy worry-free electronic operation at its simplest, because we know simplest is often best.

ESP-LX Plus Controllers

The most advanced Rain Bird residential controller is the ESP-LX Plus Series, which offers a variety of innovative features that provide many water management advantages.