About Us

We are proud of our 27 years of professional leadership in the irrigation industry. H2O will not try to sell you any of the gimmicks that can be found in today's market. We sell our professionalism, quality, reliability and service. H2O is one of Michigan's leading contractors, providing customers with service trucks, professional installation crews and an office staff to help you 24/7. To provide our customers with professional, quality, speedy service for years to come, we have purchased our own 8,200-square-foot building in Shelby Township.


Things that Separate H2O from our Competitors:

  1. Your system will be designed with head to head coverage and matched precipitation rates on all heads, not just 100% coverage.
  2. All valves will be located in plastic valve boxes.
  3. All plumbing in the basement will be 1" copper and a 1" ball valve with the proper drain will be installed.
  4. All wire connections to be waterproof. No electrical tape used.
  5. All wire placed in PVC conduit to protect it from mowers and grass trimmers.
  6. Timers will be mounted in the garage, unless no access or outlet is available.
  7. We use a dry bore underneath the walks and driveways.
  8. Heads are attached by swing-pipe tees, not inline, for flexibility.
  9. Installations are completed in one day.
  10. All installation workers are trained professionals.
  11. We will guarantee all warranties, and more importantly, we will be around to service those warranties.
  12. Systems installed by H2O will be serviced promptly.
  13. Systems installed by H2O and winterized by H2O shall experience little or no problems for years to come.
  14. H2O specializes in sprinkler systems and customer service